CT Patriot’s 40th Anniversary Muster 

July 13-15th, 2018 

Terryville Fairgrounds 

Friday, tattoo @ 7:00pm 

Saturday, parade @ 11:00am 

Muster to follow 

Searching for Alumni 

Come and play on stand with us like the good ole days! 

We are planning on playing: 

“Jaybird and Firemans

Edinburgh Castle


Will you be able to join us?      Yes     No      If yes, what size t-shirt do you need?    S   M   L   XL   2XL 


We would really appreciate you giving us your contact information. 

Please provide us with your current name, address, email address, telephone and whether you are on Facebook. 


Rehearsals we will schedule 8pm as the refresher time for any alumni that show up.  Our rehearsals are still on Friday evenings at the  to the Plainville Park & Rec Center.

Check the webpage: http://ctpatriots.org/Muster-Info/muster-info.html and our Facebook page for updates.  



Calling all Past Alumni of the Corps we want hear from you.   If you ever have been involved in the corps in some way please fill out the form below!

Corps Alumni Form


The corps is also seeking information about past members who may have passed away over the years.  The corps want to gather information on our fellow corps members.  We will post a listing as we gather this information.   If you know of any member that we should be aware of please feel out the form below:

Deceased Member information